Decipher 6/9/11: DJ Book's Marley Marl tribute

Thursday, June 16, 2011
DJ Book's study of the seminal work of one Marlon Williams.

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Opus Akoben - Hot Outside
Oddisee - I'm from PG
Marley Marl - Marley Marl Scratch
MC Shan-Down by Law
Steady B-Get Physical
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - Road to the Riches
Biz Markie - Nobody Beats the Biz
Big Daddy Kane - Word to the Mother(Land)
Craig G - Droppin Science
Juice Crew - The Symphony
Lords of the Underground - Funky Child
Biz Markie - The Vapors
Biz Markie - Pickin' Boogers
Marley Marl - He Cuts So Fresh
Kool G Rap - Rikers Island
LL Cool J - Boomin' System
MC Shan-The Bridge
Biz Markie-Make the Music with Your Mouth
Masta Ase - The Music Man
Craig G - Duck Alert
Intelligent Hoodlum - Back to Reality
LL Cool J - To the Break of Dawn
Kool G Rap - it's A Demo
Kool G Rap - Poison
Spoonie Gee - Godfather
Dimples D-Sucker DJs
MC Shan-I Pioneered This
Roxanne Shante-Have A Nice Day
Big Daddy Kane-Raw
Juice Crew-Just Rhymin' w/ Biz

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