As The Tables Turn, Episode 3: Pat Lundy - Work Song Promo 12"

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
For everybody who still buys and supports vinyl in this digital mp3 age, we the Soul Controllers will be posting records from our collection and sharing real world stories and memories related to each piece...Enjoy!!

Pat Lundy - Work Song Promo 12"

It was a cold sunday morning in november. I didn't really want to get up early and hit the flea market, but i had the itch to dig, so i did. As most record buyers know, the earlier you get to the flea markets, the better your chance of getting lucky. So as tired as i was from dj-ing the night before I sucked it up and was able to get to the flea market about 8am. I wasn't among the first fiends there, but i was one of the 1st fiends to hit up "dirty reds" stall. And lucky for me, he had a fresh new haul of 12" singles that he just put out. I flipped through a few boxes and pulled some quality joints.....rigor mortis, peech boys, vaughn mason. The next box i dug in.....aaaah shit!!! I hit the jackpot, and this particular 12" was one of several gems i caught that day for dirty cheap. One of my all-time favorite b-boy/park jam joints!!

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