As The Tables Turn, Episode 1: Doug E. Fresh - I-ight Rmx Promo 12"

Tuesday, August 03, 2010
For everybody who still buys and supports vinyl in this digital mp3 age, we the Soul Controllers will be posting records from our collection and sharing real world stories and memories related to each piece...Enjoy!!

Doug E. Fresh - "I-ight" Remix Promo 12"

This was acquired around the time I first started getting on record mailing lists (those were the days!!!). I was in NYC visiting a few labels at the time with OG D.C. street promoter Duk-ki Yu. While in the Gee-Street offices, I noticed in their steel cabinet where they kept some of their promo 12"s for mailing out, there were 2 copies left of this 12". Now what's special about this one was it had the 'All-star' remix with the 'Eric B. for President' beat. This 12" was a very limited promo-only pressing that was super tough to get. I was able to secure 1 copy and boy was I syced! This joint is a classic and has rocked many parties from back then 'til now. Most cats had to buy the bootleg cause u couldn't get this from the record stores. Many DJs had the green eye of envy when I would pull this out on the set. In my Doug E. Fresh voice...."Aaaaaaaaa....Yooooooo.....Iiiiiiiiiight"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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