As The Tables Turn, Episode 2: Joyce Sims - All and All UK Remix 12"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Joyce Sims - All and All UK Remix 12"

I was dj-ing this party for the Univ. of Baltimore Black Law Student Association back in the day. The party went from good to great to bad and then to great again. As this was very early in my dj career I learned a few things.

1. Invest in a professional sound speakers and amp will not get the job done.
2. Trust your instincts.

At near height of the party, I was playing some club/freestyle joints....ala.....wish - touch you, handon & davis....dominitrix.....etc. I pulled out the joyce sims - all n all UK remix 12", mixed it is rocking!!! Upon better judgement I decided to crank up the volume knowing that my system was pretty much at the max already.......bad move (see rule 2).......immediately the woofer coils blow and you can smell them burning. Fuuuuuuck!!!!

I got basically an hour left to close out the party and NO Bass!

Well, God bless my patrons because they all decided to move and crowd around the 2 speakers pumping only mids & highs for the rest of the night and kept partying almost like nothing happened. After the joyce sims, I went into hip hop for the rest of the night with the crowd rapping along to the lyrics of many of the songs.....and ironically, they were often louder than the system......LOL!!

Next day, I took all the gig money and deposited it all on an amp and two PA speakers.

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