How To Avoid Face Crack at The Main Ingredient

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Don't let this happen to you:

Since I can't always be there to make sure the newbies adhere to decorum, we've got some new rules by decree of Soul Controller Jahsonic:

Seeing as how I've had an an influx of new people at the event, vibe maintenance demands that I establish a few ground rules for my parties.

Note: These rules do not apply to the music lovers, dancers and good people who have been supporting quality, non-mainstream events like mine over the years, but are instead to help the uninitiated better understand our vision for what nightlife can and should be.

1. There is no parking on the dancefloor. Please be courteous to others. If you want to chill out, you can do so somewhere other than the middle of the dancefloor.

2. No requests. Doing this job correctly requires concentration and having that concentration broken to hear "suggestions" is frustrating. Now, friends and family are free to do whatever, but if I've never met you before, you run the risk of getting clowned, ESPECIALLY if your request is wack (as they usually are).

3. Gentlemen, I need you to respect the women in the attendance and refrain from harrassment of the physical or verbal variety. It's just good manners. Failure to do so may result in eye-jammies, chin checks, and/or ejection a la Jazz on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

4. Respect the venue. If a place has been gracious enough to let us come in and have a party, let's honor that by being conscientious of the fact that any damage we cause may lead to us not being there anymore. Sure, a broken glass here or there is no biggie, but let's remember what our mamas taught us about being a guest.

Finally, and this is important. Do not feel obligated to attend the party or invite people if you cannot follow rules 1 thru 4. These events are for the good guys, and if you can't respect the dj, the venue or your fellow party people, you are not a good guy and therefore are not welcome.

There are a million and one places to go to satisfy your ego, your id, your socio-pathologies, and the crushing need to conform with the status quo, but there is only one Marvin and only one Main Ingredient.

I promise to put 110% into every event I spin, all I request is that everyone in attendance be on the same page.


Jamil aka DJ Jahsonic.

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