18th Anniversary Blowout: The Whole Shebang

Friday, September 18, 2009

We kept it intimate, like an old school basement house party. It was fitting in that way, because after all these years of doing what we do, bombast on a large scale really wasn't needed. It was simply about the music and our fam. Ill Vibe Collective came through and showed out. Joy Jones took the people to church. And DJ Book rocked a public set with the squad for the first time since... I can't really remember. Kaiser Soze indeed.

Thanks to our supporters and to LiL SoSo Productions for holding us down.

I like to call this one Five DJ's (and one soul sista) Acting A MutherFlucking Fool.

[download part 1 | right-click (PC) or CTRL-click (Mac) > 'Save As']
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[download part 2]

[download part 3 w/ Joy Jones]

[download part 4]

[download part 5]

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