Tuesday, July 05, 2005
Stylus is thizzling about Europe for the next few days (must be nice to have vacation time-- not that I'm bitter or anything), so I'm filling in.

I hope you caught Jahsonic's birthday party at Avenue on Saturday night. Jah, Stylus, and Adrian Loving tore it down 'til 3 in the morning, and the eye candy was in full effect, loving every minute of it... yikes. If you missed it, smack yourself, then make sure you check out Adrian every Saturday at Avenue from here on out.

Shout out to DJ 2-Tone Jones from Blackademics-- the Tuesday night edition of Decipher-- for running around to secure a guest DJ for last night's episode of All-Star Monday. Undadog saved the day like he was named after a superhero or something...

7/4/05 - DJ Undadog, Guest DJ

Gangstarr- Royalty
Large Professor- Hard!
Super Cat- Don Dada
Lost Boyz f/ Pete Rock- The Yearn
Pete Rock f/ Grap Luva- collector's Item
Masta Ace- Good Ole Love
Mad Skillz- The Nod Factor
Quasimoto- The Quas Factor
Luther Vandross- Don't You Know
Eric B & Rakim- My Melody
Fugees- Fugee-La
Nas f/ Lauryn Hill- If I Ruled The World
OC- Time's Up
Five Deez- B.E.A.T.
Artifacts- Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Quasimoto- B.O.O.M.
De La Soul- Shoomp
Luther Vandross- A House Is Not A Home
EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin'
Mr. Lif- Cro-Magnon
Roy Ayers- We Live In Brooklyn
Gangstarr- ? Remainz
Ghostface & Raekwon- Flowers

Jahsonic's digging up records for Thursday's show... email us at mixshow@yahoo.com or call our toll-free-- 1-877-FLYEST-1-- to get your requests to him, then make sure you find your way to a radio or stream-capable computer this Thursday at 11pm eastern.

Now go back to work, slacker.

- ed


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