Let it never be said that Stylus has a big ego...

Tuesday, February 08, 2005
A phone convo earlier today:

Stylus: "You check out Decipher last night?"

BHE: "Yeah, I hung out at the station in case anyone needed a hand. You didn't listen?"

Stylus: "No, I was at the Wammies, winning two awards."

Thanks for the advance notice on the nominations, dude. The tell-you-about-it-after-the-fact bandit strikes again.

Anyways, congratulations, Mr. Vibe Conductor. Check out 2004's Washington Area Music Awards winner for best hip-hop DJ (and one third of the WAMA's hip-hop Group of the year), DJ Stylus, as well as DJ Book, Jahsonic, and myself, this Thursday from 11pm-midnight, on 89.3 fm WPFW, for Decipher's Soul Controllers' Thursday.

- ed


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