DJ Stylus & DJ ?uestlove, July 30

Thursday, July 29, 2004

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- Stylus


Monday, July 26, 2004
For a limited time you'll see a name you recognize over here (or here, take your pick, it's the same thing). Get your click on before my mans Aklimatize runs out of bandwidth and takes it down! Nuff respect for the gracious hosting resources too, cuz.

Last night, CCCA put it down something fierce at Local 16. DJ Jahsonic and Adrian Loving acted a damn fool on the decks. Tasty grown people beverages were languidly sipped by moist skinned stylishly clad lady friends and dudes who appreciate them in the cool evening air on the patio... until they came inside to make the windows sweat. Yours truly and Bushhead repped for the SoulCeez. BHE wasn't on the mix or behind the boards, he was actually in a darkened corner winin' his waist up to some choice afro-cuban grooves with some loose-hipped women. This might be a first.

Mr. Booker wasn't in the house but through the clandestine SoulCeez communications network, I have been informed that he might be unleashing another classic house set in his 'PGC lunchtime old school slot. Did y'all catch the all-underground hip-hop classics set last month? Fi-yah. Check the sidebar to the right if you need your memory refreshed.

Ack like ya know and get sexy!. (Don't worry, I will do another hip-hop mix... eventually. Headphone Addiction 2 concepts are starting to come together)

- Stylus



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