Monday, March 08, 2004
OFFICIAL HIT AND RUN wInTEr mUSic ConFeREnCe CHECK IN POST (aka DJ Stylus is waaaaay too overstimulated)

  • FRI

  • - downtown Ft. Lauderdale? Cool. 7pm - 83 degrees. Spring Break? Bananas. Girls Gone Wild? WHOA! "Mack (college chum & FL resident), why are we just walking down the street with liquor in each fist? Why can I buy 3 for 1 beers on the sidewalk"? mmmmm... Kalik. Dude, can't go hard like this on an empty stomach, grub please. Club 1, Club 2, Clubs 4, 5, 6... I lost a third club in the mix, KCUF it!! Sista girls surprised to see a black man in the club that can dance (approx. 3 to 100 black to non-black ratio). Joyfullness ensues. You're Guyanese? You are too? ALL of you are Guyanese? Oh, and you're an italian jawn from Queens, I see. What am I drinking? Mack says scotch & ginger. You don't have any clothes on. Dang, this spot is like the Casbah in Tunisia or some shit, but it's 1am and it's dead.... 2am, no room to move. We're inside, but we're outside. Time to salsa with ambi cubanas now. 3am - 80 degrees. Whassup Cliff, where have you been all my life?

  • SAT

  • - must... vanquish... hangovers.... ahh, breakfast. Ok now. 85 degrees. Sunroof. Blue Note Revisited on the deck. TIME TO HEAD TO SOUTH BEACH. Cruising... neck on swivel mode. Time for a WMC kick off party, pool side on Collins Ave. DC Massive in the place!! Adrian Loving, Ayo the throwback Nigerian Mack Daddy, Jamil, Brent "Vortex" Talley, Frost, Fred "007". 7 foot high speaker stacks poolside. Everyone has digicams, I need one. Hello jawns from LA, you all don't have any clothes on. My man Mack wants to take a picture. LET'S GO CATCH RICH MEDINA AT JUMPNFUNK! YAAAAY!! ... sweatbox.... ancestors are being summoned. Rich is punishing us all but we feel no pain. Wunmi is destroying the floor but feels compelled to crush the mic too. UPROCK BATTLE! WHUT!!?! I'm trading 5 counts with B-boys from Vancouver in a hotel lobby in Miami. "Oh no, I don't dance" But you're Brazilian though. "No, I don't dance, sorry... okay, just this once." I see you know how to meringue nicely. Yes, you are quite beautiful, but I'm not ready to get married yet. I am flattered though. Yes, I can call you later. Check into hotel, catch breath, wash asses. Get pizza. Time for BugzNtheAttic & Jazzanova! Mad broken beat biznizz!! Seiji, what's up? Yeah cuz, Daz and them crushed it at Five in D.C., when y'all coming back? New IG Culture?!? New Mark de Clive-Lowe? WORD?!? Listen to this Tamara Wellons cd, remixes cuz! DJ SPINNA IN THE HOUSE! Loose lips, sink ships, flip scripts gymnastics/Breathe & Stop... MEGATON BOMB. DANCEDANCEDANCE... CHALLENGE!! London's got this shit on lock. Seiji is KIRKING THE FUCK OUT IN THE DJ BOOTH. I'm get-ting so hot, a knucka had to take his clothes off. (baggy wifebeater, whut!?!) Oh hello supersize redbone jawn with Risikat-esque afro puff, you are the cutest thing in the room. 3 am - 83 degrees.

  • SUN

  • - 86 degrees. Beach time. I can see your boobies. I can see all of your boobies. You are wearing dental floss. Barefoot soccer on a sandbar in the ocean, whut!?! The water is blue & green, but I'm pale as shit! Mack + digicam = madness. Yo, Djinji Brown! You played with Osunlade on Friday? Hopefully I can catch him Monday. You've got a jont coming out on Yoruba? DOPE!! Check this cd, cuz! Refuel - fresh seafood. Time to catch the new Mario Van Peebles flick. History lesson! Mad uplifting! Eric Roberson in the house... Goapele... peace Tayyib! Sam the Man Burns dropping film knowledge! Aight, B-more/DC party next... nope.... naptime...zzzzzzz. FUTURE PARTY @ OPIUM GARDEN. J-Live on the wheels, Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, Ill Vibe Collective - WORD! DJ JAZZY MUTHAFUNKIN' JEFF KNUCKA YOU ARE THE KING. Don't... this... hit.... make... my people... wanna... JUMPJUMP! Hold up... Melo D? J-Rocc, Shortkut.... BEAT JUNKIES, WHUT?!? Let's take pictures with Jazzy Jeff! You wanna hear my cd? Sure! Field2Factory in the '04! Hello again Goapele, you are so petite. I don't want to step on your pretty toes. Yo, Skillz! You killed it on Okayplayer tour! Oh shit, KID CAPRI. It's like the League of Extraordinary DJ's up in here! Black Thought, Knuckles, Kamal on the Keys are all friends with Cliff too! I hear EPMD at 2:30am, must be ?uestlove. "Yo, Stylus! Are you dj'ing down here too?" Naw cuz, but thanks for assuming it was a possibility. Raheem Devaughn in the place doing tv interviews. Awwwww, DC!! Yeah Tennison! Kenny Dope! RICH MEDINA YOU DID IT AGAIN! I can't stop dancing knucka please release me from your clutches!! Why are you playing Bollywood sitar records and everyone is kirking out? Hello jawns from JumpNFunk, let's boogie! You're from LA? You're from NY? You're from the UK? Aight! Vikter Duplaix closing it out for the sexy grown folk. Philly is a beast. DC is next. Big up BBE 10 year anniversary!!

    It's still 85 degrees.

    Ouch, I've got a sunburn.

    I'm only 2/3 through y'all. Wish you were here.

    - Stylus


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