Friday, February 27, 2004

It's late, I'm tired, I didn't get the Kanye West interview I wanted, I've got a 130 mile commute to make about six hours from now, and I'm still at the office, so I'm not getting to sleep for at least another half-hour. Cranky? Li'l bit. But I'd feel bad if we didn't at least mention this jont here, and you know Stylus wouldn't... When it comes to homeboy not telling people about good things he's doing, the great poet, Darrell Perry, says it best (sampled from

dj styyyyyyluuuuuuus...
he don't promote hissselffffffffff...
i say
i said
he don't promote hisssellffffff...
but y'all still come to hear him spinnnnnnn...
even though he looks like an ELFFFFFFFFFFFFFF...

So profound... Cousin is brilliant.

Stylus is spinning at Mango's tonight (2/27) from 10pm 'til 2... Kat's Korner is before that, from 8pm 'til 10. Attend both. That is all.

- ed


Friday, February 20, 2004

Stylus wasn't quite clear on the concept back then...

So, my cable box turns itself and the TV on every morning at the same time in a futile attempt to get me out of bed. For the past week or so, I've noticed a commercial on MTV2 for this CD called "The Down Low." From what I can tell, in the few blurry moments of consciousness before I fall back asleep, it's somebody's attempt at a corporate-produced slow jam/Get-The-Drawz mixtape. But for all of its attempts to be a jont to get (or keep) the mood going, there's at least one song that seems out of place; that is, unless Bone Thugs N Harmony's "Crossroads" shifts the chooning into high gear around your way (I really want to meet the dame who loses all self control whenever she hears the soulful strains of Bizzee Bone)... Anyways, all of this is just leading to a friendly warning: a song doesn't belong on your GTD tape just because it has a slow tempo... so, just for your own good, I'm thinking you shouldn't put the Eamon "F--- you, you ho" track on your next jont, even though the song is really bangin'. I could be wrong, though; please let me know if I am.

My advice: unless you let a certified pro compile your GTD mixes for you, just get yourself an XM radio and tune in Channel 61, "The Flow"... For real.

And we're moving... Stylus is doing the Visions thing with Adrian Loving again tonight... He's also doing a Poem-Cees show at Joe's Movement Emporium, 3802 34th Street, Mount Rainier, on Saturday at 8pm... make sure you find your way to these appearances... With the Stylusmobile's recent AT-AT incident, homeboy is hauling milkcrates on the Green Line, or some such madness, to make it to these joints, so the least you can do is show up!

- ed



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