Sunday, December 14, 2003
From the "We'll-tell-you-about-a-dope-event-after-it-happens-but-not-before" category:

Cool Smoove Pimp Daddy Mackadocious hosted a party in DC this weekend to commemorate another orbit around Sol. Other than giving us mere mortals the opportunity to review and admire Pimp Daddy's stable, the jont was notable for the sharing of turntable duties between Stylus and an off-from-his-'PGC-shift Book. Stylus figures it's been at least five years since they both touched vinyl at the same party... Please-- it's hard enough just to get those bamas to show up for the same episode of the radio show, so believe the occasion is momentous.

Speaking of which, they both actually made it to the lab for last week's show. Impressive. Most impressive.

12/6/03--Hour 1


Latee- This Cut’s Got Flavor

Kanye West- Through The Wire

Jay-Z- What More Can I Say?

Redman- Sooperman Lover

Channel Live- Mad Izm (Remix)

Roots- Distortion To Static (Remix)

Mos Def- Love

Baby Blak- Economics

Common- Sixth Sense

Kev Brown- Nitefall

Craig Mack- Get Down (Remix)

Break/ Mystery Beat

Royce Da 5’9”- Boom

Masta Ace- Understand

Tribe Called Quest- Jazz (Remix)

Bush Babees- Love Song

Tribe Called Quest f/ Erykah Badu- ICU (Doin’ It)

Roots f/ Bahamadia- Proceed III

Nas- Black Zombie

Gangstarr- Full Clip


12/6/03--Hour 2

Priest Da Nomad- Play On

Priest Da Nomad f/ Asheru & Kokayi- Holdin’ It Down


Asheru- BMIG

Larry Gold f/ Black Thought- Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now

Will-I-Am- Money

DJ Spinna- Driven

Roots- Quills

Defari f/ Alkaholiks, Xzibit, & Phil Da Agony- Likwit Connection

Common Sense- Take It EZ

Common- High Expectations


Dj Mitsu f/ Little Brother- Feelin’ Alright

Lone Catalysts- Hustle

INI- What You Say

Kevin Brown- Allways

Hezekiah f/ Bahamadia- Gypsy Slang (Remix)

Slum Village- Go Ladies

Break/ Outro

Fly 25 (that's our annual countdown of the year's best singles, greenie) is coming up, gang... We're making our lists, checking them twice, and jumping in the UFC cage to defend the honor of our picks; we should be all healed up and ready to present the results somewhere between Christmas and the Sadie Hawkins Dance. But, to make sure we don't forget your favorite, drop a line or hit the guestbook and let us know what singles you really felt in '03. Do it.

RIP, Tymex.

- ed


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