Saturday, November 22, 2003
I would've posted sooner, but I vegged out all week watching the wall-to-wall coverage of the new Michael Jackson story.

Sike. Even I have more of a life than that.

The post-9/11-media-re-focus-on-real-news era has officially come to a screeching halt. There's no way that story deserves as much ink as it's received. Michael's weird. Who didn't know? Does the media really need to dedicate any more time to re-hashing this very obvious fact?

And that makes eight sentences I've wasted on the subject. Let's move on.

(In classic DJ Stylus "I'll-tell-you-about-it-afterwords" fashion) Two bananacal parties over the past week or so that you probably missed: The Flow Thursdays Scorpio birthday bash at One in Baltimore that Will Rock's crew, Unruly Productions/Promotions/Entertainment/Everything, threw on the 13th; and the Midnight Forum fundraiser at Ozio's in DC on the 18th. Whoo. I'd throw in the Beat Society joint at Ben 'N Mo's into the discussion, because Ill Mind, Oddisee, Roddy Rod, 9th Wonder, Asheru, Bahamadia, and Little Brother ripped it, but of the twelve of you who ever peep this site, most of y'all were there, so it doesn't fit the joints-you-missed category...

The show last weekend-- More love for Will Rock-- he actually kept his word and showed up. And of course, Book was there, too. Turn your selector switch from safe to semi, aim downrange, and scan your sector:

11/15/03--Hour 1


Afrika Bambaataa- Fusion Beats

Juelz Santana- Down

Clipse- P----

L.- May I...?

Kelis f/ Nas- Popular Thug

Raekwon- The Hood

Fam-Lay- Rock N' Roll

Busta Rhymes- Fall Back

Mark Ronson f/ Saigon- Diduntdidunt


Lumidee f/ Nore- Crashing A Party

A Tribe Called Quest f/ Erykah Badu- ICU (Doin' It)

Memphis Bleek- Need Me In Your Life

Philly's Most Wanted f/ DJ Kool- Shake

Funkmaster Flex f/ LL Cool J- What's Up Shorty?

Floetry f/ Mos Def- WannaBeWhereUR

11/15/03--Hour 2

Kool G Rap- Breaka Breaka

Onyx- Mama Cryin'

Break/ Mystery Beat

Main Source- Friendly Game Of Baseball

Eric B & Rakim- The Ghetto

Kevin Brown- Nitefall

Jeru Tha Damaja- Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Nottz f/ DMP- Uncutt Raw

Nas- It Ain't Hard To Tell (Remix)

A Tribe Called Quest- Can I Kick It (Remix)

Crooklyn Dodgers- Crooklyn

Masta Ace Incorporated- INC Ride


Little Brother- On The Way

Fakts One- Grown Folks

Dilated Peoples- Marathon

Big Daddy Kane- Any Type Of Way

Ghostface Killah- Flowers

Alkaholiks- Daam! (Remix)

MC Lyte, Bahamadia, Nonchalant, & Yo-Yo- Keep On Pushin'

Break/ Gripe Of The Week/ Outro

I ran into someone at the Beat Society joint who's trying to do a set on tonight's show... We'll see if that actually comes to pass. Another friend I saw there got an XM radio for her birthday earlier this week; young lady, you better listen, I'm giving you a quiz on it Monday...

Catch Book doing the WPGC noon mix at 11:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting November 25th. That's big.

Catch Stylus' next Synergy set on the 29th (next Saturday) at the Sanctuary in NE DC, with the strong lead-in courtesy of Kat's Korner. The flyer says it runs from, like, 10pm-5am. Yikes. That's big, too.

Catch me at a club somewhere (or any spot, really) trying to work up the courage to talk to a jawn... that's always entertaining. And if I actually manage to find the heart to step up, watching me trip and stumble and fumble and drop the approach? Bonus laughs!


- ed


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