Saturday, November 08, 2003
Dag. Did I mention that I was playing with ?uestlove yesterday? Again? At Andalu in DC? Maybe it's because I didn't get the call (email) until I was one foot out of my cubicle yesterday evening.

If you were at SAKI back in August, you might have an idea of how out of hand it was. If you were there last night, you now know that it was actually MORE out of hand than SAKI was. If you missed both, I'm sure your peoples are haranguing you at this very moment so I'll steer clear.

Ahmir showed up hella late as they were playing in Baltimore before the party. I was cool, for awhile. Until I started running out of records. The room was still hot though, didn't have to start recycling joints. I kept 'em on blast on the front burner. Ahmir cranked all the way until 4am and the walls were sweating up in that joint.

So I finally got to drop the "Hey Ya" joint for a crowd. Consensus on the street and in my own mind is that the current Outkast record is irresistable. Despite the overwhelming approval, I was stumped about how I could drop a record faster than anything I usually play (that joint has to be over 130bpm), break up the flow of my set and still keep folks engaged. My worries were unfounded. Bammas were pogo'ing around the room like they were front row at a rock show for a snotty Britpop garage band.

And that's whassup.

- Stylus


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