Sunday, September 21, 2003
For the second time this month, the actions of a female have dampened the mood of a birthday I'd planned on celebrating.

This time, the female is Isabel, and the celebration is the Soul Controller Mixshow's 12th Anniversary. Honey-dip's literal raining on my figurative parade knocked out power to the studio from Thursday afternoon 'til just before daybreak this morning (poetic justice for not getting caught by the last month's multi-city blackout, I'm sure...). Guests had been contacted, and plans were afoot, for the special birthday joint we'd come up with at the last minute, but without electricity, we couldn't bring the goodness to you dear folks out there.

But, as a young lady once told me in the days after she kicked me to the curb, the best way to recover from a setback like this is to get a new joint lined up, within days, if not hours (she also said to consult a preacher or therapist, but I think I can avoid going that route this time...) So, no more tears-- plan B is in effect, and we've got the anniversary show lined up for next weekend... Late, yes, but also dope, and dope is always important. I'd tell you about it, but you're best off just catching it next weekend, okay?

Stay dry.

- ed


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