Tuesday, September 30, 2003
While I'm sure Synergy was off-the-chain as usual, I spent last Saturday on the road, driving to South Carolina, just across the Savannah River from the Godfather of Soul's hometown. As is the norm for my recent road trips, the XM radio came along for the trip, and even though I couldn't find an internet connection, a cable box, or a decent cell signal anywhere ("Can you hear me now? No...") I did get to take in a buncha the wonderful content on the system. When by myself, I'd usually listen to The Flow, Raw, The Rhyme, or The City, but since Mommy was along for the trip, I had to respect her low tolerance for rap. I still managed to find many goodies-- check Soul Street (shout to Bobby Bennett), The Groove, or Chrome.

As for our own XM thing, at midnight on Friday and Saturday, we ran the 12th Anniversary jont, featuring T-Dawg and DJ Ragz. T-Dawg did an 80's set, with Ragz steppin to the 90's like Yo-Yo. And CTRL-V...

9/27/03--Hour 1


B-Boy Posse- Summer Kicks

Mikey D & The Posse- Comin' In The House

Finesse & TLC- The Ultimate Choice

Beastie Boys- Rock Hard

Roxanne Shante- I'm Fly Shante

Queen Latifah- Wrath Of My Madness

Big Daddy Kane- Smooth Operator

Marley Marl f/ MC Shan- Marley Marl Scratch

The Brothers- You Can't Win

King Rad & King Stevo- Get Smart

DBL Crew- Bust It

Too Poetic- God Made Me Funky

Unique- Pure Dynamite

MC Tee- Fresh Is The Word

Vandy C & Bill Blast f/ Doctor Ice & T-Funk- V The Viper


Lovebug Starski- Live At The Disco Fever Part I

Schooly D- Saturday Night

Krown Rulers- 32nd Street Down

Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud- Gets No Deeper

Technolo-G- Now Dance

Cut Master D.C.- Brooklyn's In The House (Remix)

De La Soul- Double Huey Skit

MC Mike & DJ Mazy Maze- My Mercedes

Original Flava- Grip The Mic Tight

Freshco- 4 At A Time

9/27/03--Hour 2

Inshallah- Panorama


Charizma- Devotion '93

De La Soul- Supaemcees

Large Professor- Mad Scientist

Heather B- All Glocks Down

Mic Geronimo- Wherever U Are (Remix)

Big L- Street Struck

Nas- The World Is Yours (Remix)

Troubleneck Brothers- Back To The Hip-Hop

Brick City Kids- Brick City Kids

Black Attack- Verbal Attack

Bahamadia- Uknowhowwedo

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Get On The Mic (Remix)


A Tribe Called Quest- Oh My God

Channel Live- Mad Izm (Remix)

Alkaholiks- Daam! (Remix)

OGC & Heltah Skeltah- Lefleur Leflah Eshkoshka

Crooklyn Dodgers- Crooklyn

Crooklyn Dodgers- Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers

Break/ Outro

XM love aside, spending 20 hours in a car with Ma Dukes is a special kinda torture, so we're defnitely gonna file that experience along with the other painful September '03 episodes, and then we're putting the pain in a little box, and tossing it in the Potomac. The only horoscope I read all year, the wonderful "if today is your birthday" jont, says that I "follow the golden rule in October" and end up in a good place. I'd normally pay it very little mind, but the same piece said I'd be obsessing over a summertime relationship; that was done ad nauseum-- y'all know, y'all were there (no mention that the relationship would be over when the obsessing started-- the stars apparently have a wicked sense of humor). Then, back in April, the ex's birthday 'scope promised her an "outstanding and memorable" July and August; during those two months, she found a day job, made big moves on her side hustle, and found my replacement. Hardly a scientific analysis, but I'm just saying that's a little too much accuracy for it all to be just a fluke (right?); but if it is, I'll know by All Saints' Day.

Wrapping up the last of this month's business, I asked someone-- anyone-- to find a hip-hop artist that referenced the late Johnny Cash in a song, in order to prove to Contributing Producer PMD that he had some relevance to the hip-hop world. Alert reader and Remote Soul Controller DJ Mister Elite writes in that no less of a hip-hop icon than Diggin' In The Crates member Diamond D threw in a line about Johnny Cash on one of the tracks on the classic "Stunts, Blunts, and Hip-Hop" album. So there, P.

Happy October.

- ed


Thursday, September 25, 2003
Synergy has moved to the last SATURDAY of the month. So, if you were all set to hit The Sanctuary tomorrow and party with Stylus and our wonderful, cult-like circle of friends, stick it in neutral for 24 hours, and catch the jont Saturday night!

...but, uh, don't miss the soulceez 12th anniversary broadcast at midnight on xm channel 67, either. that's important, too.

- ed


Sunday, September 21, 2003
For the second time this month, the actions of a female have dampened the mood of a birthday I'd planned on celebrating.

This time, the female is Isabel, and the celebration is the Soul Controller Mixshow's 12th Anniversary. Honey-dip's literal raining on my figurative parade knocked out power to the studio from Thursday afternoon 'til just before daybreak this morning (poetic justice for not getting caught by the last month's multi-city blackout, I'm sure...). Guests had been contacted, and plans were afoot, for the special birthday joint we'd come up with at the last minute, but without electricity, we couldn't bring the goodness to you dear folks out there.

But, as a young lady once told me in the days after she kicked me to the curb, the best way to recover from a setback like this is to get a new joint lined up, within days, if not hours (she also said to consult a preacher or therapist, but I think I can avoid going that route this time...) So, no more tears-- plan B is in effect, and we've got the anniversary show lined up for next weekend... Late, yes, but also dope, and dope is always important. I'd tell you about it, but you're best off just catching it next weekend, okay?

Stay dry.

- ed


Sunday, September 14, 2003
Stylus 'n 'em were part of the opening act for a dead prez performance at U. of MD on Friday the 12th, so, being the supportive pal and all-around-good-guy that I am, I headed to campus to check out the show.

As I made my way around the venue, and ran into folks from the circle of friends and associates we've known for years, the overriding sense seemed to be that we were all just a little too old and jaded to be there. Here was all this revolutionary energy as these babies partied for their right to fight, and for my part, all I felt was cynicism about the hopelessness of their touching, but at the end, probably pointless, idealism.

While waiting for a table at Jasper's with Pimp Daddy and Stylus after the show, sorting through the stack of pamphlets and flyers I'd been handed that night (a rally featuring Ralph Nader! workshops on the prison industrial complex, AIDS & Africa, and reparations! an ACLU racial profiling survival kit!-- all proof that nothing has changed... and with all the paper wasted here, where are the tree-huggers and their protests?), I tried to pinpoint the moment when my focus changed from changing the world (and chasing booty) to just paying the bills (and chasing booty)... but it really didn't matter when it happened, just that it did.

Oh well; at least it's proof that those who identify with this "grown folks' hip-hop" thing are in a different place than the today's zygotes, and shouldn't be treated as the same market.

Get a job, you hippies, work 60 hour weeks with barely two weeks of vacation all year, scrape by while paying your mortgage, car note, and student loans, then let's see if you're still kicking all this "save the world" stuff.

Anyways... this week, Book swung by the studio, but couldn't get in (sorry 'bout that, dawg); Stylus did make it through for the second hour... Here's what went down:

9/13/03--Hour 1


World Famous Supreme Team- World Famous

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo- Poison

Biz Markie- Something For The Radio

Wu-Tang Clan- Uzi (Pinky Ring)

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth- The Creator (Remix)

Dead Prez- Radio Freq

Mobb Deep f/ Big Noyd- Double Shots

Jaydee- FTP

Main Source- Fakin' The Funk

Kev Brown f/ Odd-I-See & Cy Young- Nitefall

Roots- Concerto Of The Desperado

Blackstar- Definition

Ol' Dirty Bastard- Brooklyn Zoo

De La Soul- Much More

Infinite Loop- Choke Up

Artifacts- Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Smif-N-Wesun- Wrekonize (Remix)

Kardinal Offishal- U R Ghetto

Pharoahe Monch- Got You

9/13/03--Hour 2

Median- Title Unknown


Asheru- BMIG

Beatnuts- No Equal

Ras Kass- Golden Child

Jurassic 5- Twelve

Rasco- We Get Live

All City- Priceless

Common f/ De La Soul- Getting' Down At The Ampitheater

Slum Village- One

Little Brother- So Fabulous

Pharcyde- Westcyde 242


Nappy Roots- Roun The Globe

Mark Ronson f/ Ghostface Killa & Nate Dogg- Ooh Wee

Chris Lowe- Midnight Blue

House Of Pain- Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)

Will-I-Am- Ev Rehbadee

Break/ Outro

While on campus, I stopped by WMUC, the beloved 10-watt FM bohemoth where, 12 years ago this Friday, The Soul Controller Mixshow was born. PMD, who inherited our timeslot when we took the show off-the-air at the beginning of 2000, was trying to justify dedicating the episode to John Ritter, but not to Johnny Cash. In his opinion, John Ritter was hip-hop because watching "Three's Company" re-runs is a shared experience that the entire hip-hop generation has taken part in at one time or another. In contrast, nobody in the hip-hop world has any real connection to Cash: no emcee references him or his work in their songs; no beatmaker has identified him as one his or her influences... It'd only take one person to prove PMD wrong, and proving him wrong is important to me, so I need someone to come forward and tell us how influential Johnny Cash is to your life as a hip-hopper... Anyone?

Big plans in the works for the 12th Anniversary this week, so make sure you catch it!!!

(uh, guys... we do have something planned, right? anything? oh, boy... this could get ugly...)


- ed


Sunday, September 07, 2003
"I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell/ I know right now you can't tell..."

I'm pretty sure I've never quoted Matchbox Twenty before, but if you've been by this site over the past few weeks, and have come to the conclusion that I'm bugging to the utmost of bugstivitity, this line is all I plan on offering in my defense. (By the way, Cheryl "Pepsi" Riley is on the credits of that Matchbox Twenty album, as a background vocalist-- who knew she was still working?)

That said, I think my unwellness led Book and Stylus to wanna stay away from The Incredible Sulk lurking at the studio when it was time to do this week's show ("Mr. McGhee, please don't make me angry, because I might cry or something..."). But we've been airing way too many re-runs lately, and as the director/engineer/editor, I didn't want to run yet another, so I took it upon myself to do the show without them. Left to my own devices, and considering my frame of mind, we're all lucky I didn't end up airing a two-hour loop of the chorus from Kelis' "Caught Out There."

A loud shout-out to Kev Brown for dropping through and contributing "Allways," his definitive take on the subject ("it's like you be trying to see how many hearts you can break in the smallest amount of time/ but maybe I'm/ exagerrating, but it gets aggravating/ you're talking another language and nobody's translating," amongst other lyrical gems) to the discussion. As for the rest of the show...

9/6/03--Hour 1


Gangstarr- Lovesick

Black Eyed Peas f/ Macy Gray- Love Won't Wait

Double XX Posse- Not Gonna Be Able Do It

De La Soul f/ Chaka Khan- All Good?

Boogie Down Productions- Love's Gonna Get'cha

A Tribe Called Quest f/ Faith Evans & Raphael Saadiq- Stressed Out

Jaz-O- Love Is Gone

Mos Def- Ms. Fat Booty

Outkast- Ms. Jackson

Truth Enola- Ill Lovin'

Slum Village- Tainted

Opus Akoben- Forgive Me

Roots- The 'Notic

Main Source- Looking At The Front Door

Gangstarr- Ex Girl To Next Girl

9/6/03--Hour 2

Pharcyde- Passin' Me By

A Tribe Called Quest- 8 Million Stories

Mystery Beat (Isaac Hayes- Walk On By)

Break/ Kev Brown & Cy Young Interview

Kev Brown- Nitefall

Biz Markie- What Goes Around Comes Around

2Pac- Do For Love

Kev Brown- Power Bars

Break/ Kev Brown & Cy Young Interview cont'd

Kev Brown- Allways

Yaggfu Front- Left Field

Kurious- Nikole

Kev Brown f/ Grap Luva & Phonte- Can't Stay Away

Break/ Kev Brown & Cy Young Interview cont'd/ Outro

Geez Louise... Okay, so thus endeth my online and on-air "Lenny Kravitz after Lisa Bonet left him" impression. My Paul Laurence Dunbar Mask is due back from the shop, and will be back in service next week.


- ed


Monday, September 01, 2003
Hope you enjoyed labor day.

Happy birthday to me.


- ed



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