Monday, August 25, 2003
Okay... everyone who doesn't know that I'm spinning at SAKI with DJ ?uestlove, please raise your hands.

*scurries about the room handing out late passes*

It's fine, really. Do not hang your head. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to groove. We will make it all better.

Also, look to the right of this page. Yes indeedy feed the needy, Synergy is back! DC's Sanctuary has been kind enough to invite us in for a set on the last Friday of every month. That means no more struggling to hang out in the middle of the week. That means a new home for the progressive people that have been squeezed out by U Street gentrification. That means a spot with actual dance space, PLUS it has a 2nd floor that allows for the chilling and fellowship that was a hallmark of my Rendezvous set.

Can't beat that with a stickball bat.

Some other news you can use:

- buy this jont. It's kinda fresh. Big up the Salvadoran massive.

- District Soul is taking over Five again this Saturday.

- check out Ben N Mo for the H.E.R. hip-hop event on Sundays. The whole Lo-Budget fam (Cy Young, Kev Brown, Critically Acclaimed, Oddisee) will be there this week. Check out some underground hip-hop, then slide over to SAKI to see me, then your Labor Day Weekend is complete. Big up Abby & Laura.

- Priest da Nomad's new shit is REDICULOUS. Y'all just gonna have to wait though. Maybe we can get some exclusive leakage.

- Stylus


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