Monday, August 11, 2003
My favorite NFL team seems like they're well on their way to another atrocious season.... If they would just drop that racial slur of a team name, the bad kharma that undoubtedly contributes to their being worse and worse every year might take a positive turn...

I mean, look at the local NBA team. No one was even offended by the "Bullets" name, but Pollin thought the name had a negative connotation considering the violent rep of DC's mean streets, and changed the name to the "Wizards" without even being asked to, and just look at how much better that team... has... gotten... Never mind.

Special thanks to last week's guest, DJ Ragz; We turned the wheels over to him last week, and he definitely held it down... Here's the playlist:

8/9/03--Hour 1


Three Times Dope- Greatest Man Alive

Biz Markie- Turn Tha Party Out

Skitzofreniks- It Don't Matter

Shabam Sadeeq- Soundclash

People Under The Stairs- OST (Original Soundtrack)(Remix)

Tone Deff- Ridiculous

Insight- Words Of Encouragement

KRS-ONE- Wannabemceez

Run-DMC f/ Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Down With The King

Cunninglynguists f/ Masta Ace- Seasons


Pete Rock & CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You (TROY)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Straighten It Out

Young Black Teenagers- Tap The Bottle

Jungle Brothers- JB'z Comin' Thru

EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin'

Fu-Scnickens f/ Shaq- What's Up Doc?

Grand Puba- 360° (What Goes Around)

Powerule- Smooth


Mos Def- "What's Beef" Freestyle

8/9/03--Hour 2

Jazz Addixx- Say Jazzy

Jazz Addixx- Catch Wreck

KRS-ONE- Underground

Break/ Roundtable

Artifacts- Who I Am

A Tribe Called Quest- Mr. Incognito

2 For 5- Thah Foundation

AZ- Rather Unique

Time Machine- Personal Ads

Bush Babees- Remember We (Remix)

Kurious- I'm Kurious


Nas- It Ain't Hard To Tell (Original & Remix)

Top Quality- Magnum Opus

J-Live- Longevity

Al Tariq- Do Yo Thang

SQ1- Applause

Break/ Outro

Check us out next week...

- ed


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