Friday, August 08, 2003
Is the media really gonna go "O.J." with the Kobe case? What happened to the fourth estate's 9/12-era "re-focus" on real news? The attacks and the aftermath gave the news outlets the opportunity to get away from all the silly crap that they'd been passing off as news, and for a minute at least, curtailed the mentality of turning every little scandal into the new story of the century. Now look at 'em-- How soon they forget.

Um, I should probably get off the soapbox and just run the freakin' playlist...

8/2/03--Hour 1


The B-Boys- 2, 3, Break

Little Brother- Atari 2600

KRS-ONE- Aww Yeah (Diamond Remix)

Ghostface Killah- Guerilla Hood

Mark Ronson f/ Mos Def & MOP- On The Run

Kardinal Offishal- Sick!

Big L- Holdin' It Down

Roots- Distortion To Static (Remix)

J-Live- Shiesty

Bush Babees f/ Mos Def- Love Song

Gangstarr- Positivity

Break/ Mystery Beat

A Tribe Called Quest- Award Tour

Common- The Sixth Sense

Royce Da 5'9"- Boom

Gangstarr & MOP- 1/2 & 1/2

Spoonie Gee- Take It Off

Ol' Dirty Bastard- Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Bahamadia- Total Wreck


8/2/03--Hour 2

Mos Def- "Takeover" Freestyle

Canibus- Spartibus

Break/ Roundtable

Ous Akoben- Vibe & Emotion (Remix)

DJ Honda- Hai!

Natural Resources- Negro League Baseball

Mr. Complex- Ima Killit

The Nonce- The Greatest MCs

Emanon- What You Live For

Medina Green f/ Mos Def- Crosstown Beef

Jigmastas & Sadat X- Don't Get It Twisted

Slick Rick- I Sparkle


DJ Spinna- Drive

Mountain Brothers- Microphone Phenomenal

Roots- Rhymes And Ammo

Bumpy Knuckles- Part Of My Life

Krumb Snatcha f/ Gangstarr- Incredible

El Da Sensai- Keep It Live

Defined Print- My Library

Ras Kass- Remain Anonymous

Break/ Outro

Going to bed now-- g'night.

- ed


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