Friday, August 29, 2003
No new show this week, kiddies, in honor of labor day.

You've got Monday off, so there's even more reason for you kids in DC to check out Stylus new-and-improved Syngery (3.0 version) at The Sanctuary tonight (8/29) and at Saki on Sunday, opening for DJ ?uestlove!

- ed


Monday, August 25, 2003
Okay... everyone who doesn't know that I'm spinning at SAKI with DJ ?uestlove, please raise your hands.

*scurries about the room handing out late passes*

It's fine, really. Do not hang your head. Just bring an open mind and a willingness to groove. We will make it all better.

Also, look to the right of this page. Yes indeedy feed the needy, Synergy is back! DC's Sanctuary has been kind enough to invite us in for a set on the last Friday of every month. That means no more struggling to hang out in the middle of the week. That means a new home for the progressive people that have been squeezed out by U Street gentrification. That means a spot with actual dance space, PLUS it has a 2nd floor that allows for the chilling and fellowship that was a hallmark of my Rendezvous set.

Can't beat that with a stickball bat.

Some other news you can use:

- buy this jont. It's kinda fresh. Big up the Salvadoran massive.

- District Soul is taking over Five again this Saturday.

- check out Ben N Mo for the H.E.R. hip-hop event on Sundays. The whole Lo-Budget fam (Cy Young, Kev Brown, Critically Acclaimed, Oddisee) will be there this week. Check out some underground hip-hop, then slide over to SAKI to see me, then your Labor Day Weekend is complete. Big up Abby & Laura.

- Priest da Nomad's new shit is REDICULOUS. Y'all just gonna have to wait though. Maybe we can get some exclusive leakage.

- Stylus


Sunday, August 24, 2003
In spite of his birthday, Stylus was in the house for this weekend's show, as was Book; here's what they played:

8/16/03--Hour 1


Boogie Down Productions- Gimme Dat (Woy)

Raekwon- Sneakers

Rakim- The Saga Begins

INI- Think Twice

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- One In A Million

Redman- Funkorama

Black Moon- I Got Cha Opin (Remix)

Smif N Wesun- Bucktown

Blackstar- Re: Definition

Unspoken Heard- Soul

Busta Rhymes- Everything Remains Raw

Gangstarr- You Know My Steez


Biz Markie- Turn Tha Party Out

Ludacris- Stand Up

MC Lyte- Stop, Look, Listen

Rah Digga- Tight


8/16/03--Hour 2

Mos Def- "What's Beef" Freestyle

Pacewon- "Rap Music" Freestyle

Break/ Roundtable

Nas- Freestyle

Mastermind- I'm Talented

Ghostface Killa- The Faster Blade

Priest Da Nomad- Feel Good Music

Meaner- Real Rap Song

Dilated Peoples- Work The Angles

Iriscience & Babu- On Deadly Ground

KRS-ONE- Clear 'Em Out

Jean Grae- Thank Ya

Diamond & Sadat X- Feel It

Roots- No Great Pretender


Xzibit- What U See Is What U Get

Reflection Eternal- The Express

Pete Rock f/ Inspectah Deck & Kurupt- Tru Masta

Gangstarr- The Militia (Remix)

Bahamadia- WordPlay

J-Live- All In Together Now

Break/ Outro


- ed


Tuesday, August 19, 2003
Sorry, boys and girls-- no new show this past week. I could be timely and topical, citing the Blaster virus, the blackout, or maybe even the West Virginia sniper as causes of the show not airing, but those would all be lies... Honestly, we just got locked out of the studio (maybe one day, the station folk'll entrust with a key)... If you're really fiending, check out the Media section of Under the "Live Mixes" header, you'll find a classic show from a while back... Hope that fills the void 'til the next time.

Yaay! Donell got the boot!


- ed


Monday, August 11, 2003
My favorite NFL team seems like they're well on their way to another atrocious season.... If they would just drop that racial slur of a team name, the bad kharma that undoubtedly contributes to their being worse and worse every year might take a positive turn...

I mean, look at the local NBA team. No one was even offended by the "Bullets" name, but Pollin thought the name had a negative connotation considering the violent rep of DC's mean streets, and changed the name to the "Wizards" without even being asked to, and just look at how much better that team... has... gotten... Never mind.

Special thanks to last week's guest, DJ Ragz; We turned the wheels over to him last week, and he definitely held it down... Here's the playlist:

8/9/03--Hour 1


Three Times Dope- Greatest Man Alive

Biz Markie- Turn Tha Party Out

Skitzofreniks- It Don't Matter

Shabam Sadeeq- Soundclash

People Under The Stairs- OST (Original Soundtrack)(Remix)

Tone Deff- Ridiculous

Insight- Words Of Encouragement

KRS-ONE- Wannabemceez

Run-DMC f/ Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Down With The King

Cunninglynguists f/ Masta Ace- Seasons


Pete Rock & CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You (TROY)

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Straighten It Out

Young Black Teenagers- Tap The Bottle

Jungle Brothers- JB'z Comin' Thru

EPMD- So Whatcha Sayin'

Fu-Scnickens f/ Shaq- What's Up Doc?

Grand Puba- 360° (What Goes Around)

Powerule- Smooth


Mos Def- "What's Beef" Freestyle

8/9/03--Hour 2

Jazz Addixx- Say Jazzy

Jazz Addixx- Catch Wreck

KRS-ONE- Underground

Break/ Roundtable

Artifacts- Who I Am

A Tribe Called Quest- Mr. Incognito

2 For 5- Thah Foundation

AZ- Rather Unique

Time Machine- Personal Ads

Bush Babees- Remember We (Remix)

Kurious- I'm Kurious


Nas- It Ain't Hard To Tell (Original & Remix)

Top Quality- Magnum Opus

J-Live- Longevity

Al Tariq- Do Yo Thang

SQ1- Applause

Break/ Outro

Check us out next week...

- ed


Friday, August 08, 2003
Check out this week's show, because we've got a special guest lined up, pinch hitting for Stylus and Book: DJ Ragz, representing for the Muzik Fiendz, Jazz Addixx, and Embassay Click... The dude is nice widdit, so if you don't have your XM radio yet, run and get one before the store closes, get it activated, and catch the show, Friday & Saturday at Midnight Eastern...

- ed


Friday, August 08, 2003
Is the media really gonna go "O.J." with the Kobe case? What happened to the fourth estate's 9/12-era "re-focus" on real news? The attacks and the aftermath gave the news outlets the opportunity to get away from all the silly crap that they'd been passing off as news, and for a minute at least, curtailed the mentality of turning every little scandal into the new story of the century. Now look at 'em-- How soon they forget.

Um, I should probably get off the soapbox and just run the freakin' playlist...

8/2/03--Hour 1


The B-Boys- 2, 3, Break

Little Brother- Atari 2600

KRS-ONE- Aww Yeah (Diamond Remix)

Ghostface Killah- Guerilla Hood

Mark Ronson f/ Mos Def & MOP- On The Run

Kardinal Offishal- Sick!

Big L- Holdin' It Down

Roots- Distortion To Static (Remix)

J-Live- Shiesty

Bush Babees f/ Mos Def- Love Song

Gangstarr- Positivity

Break/ Mystery Beat

A Tribe Called Quest- Award Tour

Common- The Sixth Sense

Royce Da 5'9"- Boom

Gangstarr & MOP- 1/2 & 1/2

Spoonie Gee- Take It Off

Ol' Dirty Bastard- Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Bahamadia- Total Wreck


8/2/03--Hour 2

Mos Def- "Takeover" Freestyle

Canibus- Spartibus

Break/ Roundtable

Ous Akoben- Vibe & Emotion (Remix)

DJ Honda- Hai!

Natural Resources- Negro League Baseball

Mr. Complex- Ima Killit

The Nonce- The Greatest MCs

Emanon- What You Live For

Medina Green f/ Mos Def- Crosstown Beef

Jigmastas & Sadat X- Don't Get It Twisted

Slick Rick- I Sparkle


DJ Spinna- Drive

Mountain Brothers- Microphone Phenomenal

Roots- Rhymes And Ammo

Bumpy Knuckles- Part Of My Life

Krumb Snatcha f/ Gangstarr- Incredible

El Da Sensai- Keep It Live

Defined Print- My Library

Ras Kass- Remain Anonymous

Break/ Outro

Going to bed now-- g'night.

- ed



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