Thursday, July 03, 2003
We had a much longer run than I would have expected... Synergy that is. Thanks to all my crazy ass regulars who followed me from Erico's last year to Rendezvous. And big ups to all the random folks that strolled in, decided to stay awhile, and brought their friends (and bought cd's!). The next incarnation of Synergy will have some key changes, including a dance floor (no more records skipping when the parolees get psyced up) and a location with better parking. It'll be a bit less lounge-y and more groovish, especially since we'll be moving to Fridays and a later time slot. Stay tuned.

Before I return you to Bushhead Ed's regular scheduled updates, I gotta say some things:

- DJ Book is still the illest, if YOU want to hear Book spin at a DJ Stylus function, file your plea here

- That Mark Ronson 12-inch is the hottest thing on the streets right now. Why isn't it getting radio burn? I was busy trying not to destroy the Soul Controller underground beat labs every time the MOP/Mos Def jont came on but the flip?!? The Ghostdini/Nate Dogg jont?!!?? Big & official.

- Synergy Sessions Vol. 1 is available in the store

- If I don't finish this damn website (bios, press, g'book & Fly 25 listings soon come) I will wear oversized pinwheel baseball caps and throwback dresses (why do bammas jerseys go past their knees?!?) as punishment

- Go hang out with Eurok & Orbit until we get Synergy back n' effect

- Stylus


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