Thursday, July 24, 2003
1. Kobe: If you're committing adultery in your early 20's, barely a year into your marriage, why even bother jumping the broom?

2. NYC: Post-9/11, how can someone sneak a gun into one of your city government buildings??? Shouldn't y'all be more cautious than just about anyone?

3. Donell (Road Rules South Pacific): How happy will I be if you get your shady, lying, childish arse voted off the show? No one deserves the hook more than you.

4. Former Eleanor Roosevelt High School student Mya: Why'd ya hafta give Carson a lap dance at the end of his MTV roast?? Haven't you seen all the grief brothers and sisters gave Halle for allowing herself to be the Man's little sexual fantasy?

5. Former Eleanor Roosevelt High School student Martin Lawrence: Are you about to get back on track again, now that Bad Boys II is blowin' up??

6. No one in particular: Why was last week's show so dope?

7/19/03--Hour 1


DST- Mega-Mix II (Why Is It Fresh?)

Gangstarr f/ Total- Discipline

Gangstarr- Militia (Pete Rock Remix)

Skillz- Off The Wall

Rakim- Guess Who’s Back?

De La Soul f/ Redman- Oooh

Infinite Loop- Nation’s Cap

Slick Rick f/ Outkast- Street Talkin’

El Da Sensai- Summer Time Bluez

Ras Kass- Understandable Smooth

Bahamadia- Wordplay


Mark Ronson f/ Ghostface & Nate Dogg- Ooh Wee

Brand Nubian- Shining Star

Q-Tip f/ Busta Rhymes- N.T.

LL Cool J- To Da Break Of Dawn

J-Live- MCee

A Tribe Called Quest- Clap Your Hands

Amphibians- Lettuce (Entertain You)


7/19/03--Hour 2

Mos Def- Close Edge

Break/ Roundtable/ Mystery Beat

Greg Nice- Set It Off

Kid N Play- Last Night

Super Lover Cee & Cassanova Rud- Girls I Got ‘Em Locked

Kool G Rap & DJ Polo- It’s A Demo

Big Daddy Kane- Get Into It

Big Daddy Kane- Long Live The Kane

Eric B & Rakim- Keep ‘Em Eager To Listen

YZ- In Control Of Things

Special Ed- I’m The Magnificent Remix

Run DMC f/ Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Down With The King

EPMD- Crossover

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- They Reminisce Over You (TROY)

A Tribe Called Quest f/ Leaders Of The New School & Kid Hood- Scenario Remix

Naughty By Nature- Uptown Anthem

Public Enemy- Fight The Power

Redman- Time 4 Sum Akshun

Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew- Summertime


Main Source- Looking At The Front Door

Main Source- Fakin’ The Funk

Main Source- Live At The BBQ

Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew- Back In The Dayz

Eric B & Rakim- Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em

Big Daddy Kane- Set It Off

Rob Base & EZ Rock- It Takes Two

Break/ Outro

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