Sunday, June 15, 2003
Sorry, no new show this week, boys and girls... A blackout at the station caused for some drama with the jont getting on... (anyone got a hookup on, like, 1000 Uninterruptable Power Supplies?)

But never fear, I absolutely guarantee that, if there's a new show on next week, it will feature both Stylus and Book in the mix-- that's definitely something to look forward to, especially after hearing the PMD and BHE mixes for the fourth time in two weeks...

Plus: "Dude" (real name withheld), our New-Music Acquisition Specialist, is on assignment, deployed to locate, acquire, and deliver fresh product from assets aligned with providers operating in Conant Gardens and Shaolin by any means necessary... and he's never failed us yet.

As always, we wanna hear from you. Leave a voicemail on the toll-free (1-877-FLYEST-1) or e-mail an mp3 to We're trying to put y'all on the air, because as much as we love the sound of our own voices, what you've got to say is important too. Holler... now.

- ed


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