Sunday, June 22, 2003
Can't stay long... getting ready to go see the Hulk movie... It seems that a few reviews have said the CGI Hulk looks too much like Shrek, but I'm enough of a comic junkie to give even a mediocre Marvel movie a shot... Anyways, here's the list from this past weekend's show:

6/20/03--Hour 1


Special Ed- I Got It Made

Jay Dee- Vibeout

King Britt f/ Bahamadia- Transcend

Bahamadia- Uknowhowwedo (Ski Remix)

Blackalicious- Swan Lake

Boogiemonsters- Juggernauts

Outkast- ATLiens (Bad Boy Remix)

Royce Da 5’9”- Boom

Big Daddy Kane f/ Biz Markie- Just Rhymin’ With Biz

Dooley O- Watch My Moves 1990

DJ Spinna- Drive

Large Professor- Blaze Rhymes II

Reflection Eternal- Down For The Count


Mos Def f/ Talib Kweli- Know That

KRS-1- Clear ‘Em Out

Unspoken Heard- Jamboree

DJ Jazzy Jeff f/ Chef Word- Shake It Off

The Nonce- Mix Tapes

Jungle Brothers f/ Q-Tip- Promo

YZ- Thinking Of A Master Plan


6/20/03--Hour 2

Inspectah Deck- The Movement

Slum Village- Guerillas

Break/ Mystery Beat

De La Soul- Dinninint

Busta Rhymes- Get Out

Skillz- Off The Wall

Nas- Get Down

Mark Ronson f/ Mos Def & MOP- On The Run

De La Soul- Much More


Critically Acclaimed- Flashbacks

Roots f/ Common- Act Too (The Love Of My Life)

A Tribe Called Quest- Moneymaker

Crooklyn Dodgers ’95- Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers

Omega- Shake It Up

Break/ Outro

See ya next week...

- ed


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