Sunday, May 25, 2003
I do so hate commercial radio most of the time, but holiday weekends like this make them a little more bearable. Since formats, programming, stunts, and gimmicks are pretty much duplicated nationwide; your local urban station, like the DC and Baltimore stations I can pick up, is possibly doing a all-mixer weekend... They still place most of the mainstream, everyday stuff, but since they hafta fill a whole weekend, they're usually given a little more freedom to dig... With the right mixers, these can actually come off quite lovely. The bama on 92-Q who played "I'm Not Having It" gets two cool ponts for the obscure throwback jont (okay, maybe not THAT obscure, but c'mon-- nobody plays that anymore) ; him and the dude at the Roots/ Kweli/ Floetry show at Nation in Southeast DC who was rocking the Joe Namath L.A. Rams jont (I never knew he palyed there).

Book is doing the thizzle, or simply thizzling, on WPGC a few times this weekend to make sure their mix weekend is done right; with his appearance on the show this weekend, his return to the airwaves is complete... Welcome back, dawg...

Meanwhile, Stylus sent in a pinch hitter to sub for him; big props to RBI for coming through on short notice... Here's what we played:

5/24/03--Hour 1


Kurtis Blow- Do The Do

The Omega Project f/ Infinite Loop- Chocolate City

Run-DMC- Tougher Than Leather

Biz Markie- Biz Is Goin’ Off

Milk D- Many Styles

Stezo- To The Max

Wrecks-N-Effect- Soul Man

Special Ed- Think About It


Big Daddy Kane- Somethin’ Funky

Black Sheep f/ Q-Tip- La Menage

Gangstarr- Say Your Prayers

Heavy D- Letter To The Future

NWA- Parental Discretion Iz Advised


5/24/03--Hour 2

Raekwon- Big Spender

Break/ Mystery Beat

Skillz- Off The Wall

Talib Kweli- Get By

Gangstarr- Royalty

Redman- Tonight’s Da Night

Nas- Get Down

Pete Rock- #1 Soul Brother

Pete Rock f/ Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz- Rock Steady Part II

Bumpy Knuckles- Part Of My Life


Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Shine On Me

De La Soul- Much More

Little Brother- Love Joint Revisited

Intelligent Hoodlum- Grand Groove Part II

Mark Ronson f/ Mos Def & MOP- On The Run

Break/ Outro

Heavy D followed up by NWA... classic...


- ed


Sunday, May 25, 2003
Yay, more playlists! For the 5/17 show Elite was back in town, then Stylus batted clean-up in the second hour...

5/17/03--Hour 1


Treacherous Three- Put The Boogie In Your Body

Intelligent Hoodlum- Grand Groove Part II

Busta Rhymes- Rhymes Galore

50 Cent- Gotta Make It To Heaven

Rakim- Waiting For The World To End

Heather B- Steady Rockin’

Pete Rock f/ Nature- To My Advantage

Break/ Mystery Beat

Ghostface Killah- Good Times

Large Professor f/ Nas- Stay Chisel

Poem-Cees f/ Head-Roc & Priest Da Nomad- Affirmation, Baby!

Shaquille O’Neal f/ Common, Black Thought, & Joi- In The Sun

Nas- Purple

Critially Acclaimed f/ Cy Young- Flashbacks Remix


5/17/03--Hour 2

Bedroom Wizard f/ Mad Skillz- Skillz In ‘98

Slum Village- Disco

Rasco- We Get Live

Gangstarr- Nice Girl, Wrong Place

Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, & Nate Dogg- Oh No

Common- The Hustle

De La Soul f/ Truth Enola & Mos Def- Stakes Is High Remix

Tribe Called Quest- Like It Like That

Little Brother- Flying High

Slick Rick- It’s A Boy (Remix)

Roots- Rhymes and Ammo

LL Cool J- Farmers Blvd

Alkaholiks- Daaam!/ Make Room


Jurassic 5 f/ Big Daddy Kane- A Day At The Races

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- The Creator

Blackstar- B-Boys Will B-Boys

Organized Konfusion- Let’s Organize

Nice & Smooth- Early To Rise

House Of Pain- Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)

Common- Communism

Roots- Leonard I-V

Break/ Outro

Nice, but where'd Elite get doubles of the poem-cees joint from? Stylus doesn't even have a pair to spin with yet... That Elite is mad resourceful...


- ed


Sunday, May 25, 2003
Time to get up-to-date... Sorry for the delays, folks:

5/3/03--Hour 1


Sir Ibu of Divine Force- I'm The Peacemaker

Omega- Shake It Up

Artifacts- 31 Bumrush

Roots f/ Q-Tip- Ital: The Universal Side

Walkin' Large f/ Black Thought- Listen To This

J-Live- MCee

GZA- Knock, Knock

Missin' Link- M.I.A.

Opus Akobem- Don't Run

Xzibit- Plastic Surgery

KRS-ONE- Wannabemceez


Rasco- Unassisted

2 Rude f/ Organized Konfusion- Innovations

Zion I- Critical

Ghostface- Mighty Healthy

Black Thought- Hardware

Godfather Don- Piece Of The Action


5/3/03--Hour 2

Skillz- Lost

Cy Young- Make Things Work

Break/ Mystery Beat

Bush Babees- We Run Things (It's Like That)

Neek The Exotic- Exotic's Raw

L.- Relax Your Mind

Common- Funky For You

Big Daddy Kane- The Man & The Myth

Ras Kass- Goldyn Child

Jay Dee- F--- The Police

Just Ice- Turbo Charged


Talib Kweli- Get By

Gangstarr- Itz A Setup

Craig G- Let's Get Up

Critically Acclaimed- Flashbacks

Soullive f/ Talib Kweli- Bridge To Bama

Marley Marl f/ Grap Luva & Kevin Brown- What Ruling Means

Break/ Outro

I'm not sure what re-run the channel aired the week of 5/10, but I think it was one of our old Club 82 joints... Hope y'all enjoyed it.


- ed



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