Tuesday, April 22, 2003
So my boy Complex hits me up on the Nextel while stuck in traffic on the Beltway...

Complex: Yo, your boy Book was killing it on 'PGC this weekend!

Me: So I've heard... But I was in New York-- I missed it. Did you hear him on the Free Lunch Mix today?

C: Yeah, as soon I figured out it was him, I was hooked. Plus Michelle let him talk as the mix winded down... He said something about a CD he's got in stores?

Me: The CD comes from an hour of the show we did a while.. The set's bananacal.

I'm sure we said more on the subject, but the drugs are starting to kick in... Anyways, on to the point: DC area types can regularly catch Book in the mix on WPGC 95.5 on Fridays from Midnight-3am and Saturdays from 10pm-Midnight... Plus, THIS WEEK ONLY, catch a bonus DJ Book set during the mid-day mix thie Wednesday at Noon.

Who says DC radio sucks? (PMD, but hey, what does he know?)


- ed


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